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Private Investigator


Police officers, State and Federal Investigators or anyone desiring to become a Private Detective may have had no or very little training and experience in Torts, Insurance Law or Criminal Defense and it has been, for them as Private Detectives, a trial and error learning experience until now.

The Bureau of Private Investigation, dba The Investigators LLC, is the first major agency offering Private Detectives and Investigators training via online state-of-the-art technology, preparing students to be on the cutting edge of 21st century law theory and practice. For those who endeavor to become a Private Investigator, this training is essential. 

Instruction is both highly theoretical and highly practical, emphasizing a critical understanding of how law functions in society and a practical knowledge of how lawyers function within the legal system ultimately giving the Investigator the edge from the perspective of a lawyer.  Knowing what and how a Defense Lawyer thinks, wants, needs and expects in a defense investigation provides for a better working relationship and ultimately an increase in case load and assignments. Learning by trial and error is the major cause of losing repeat clients and the difficulty in obtaining new ones. Don't let this happen to you.

The Investigators LLC offers home study courses to improve the perspicacity and legal ken of a private investigator. Though most states do not require education above High School for a Private Investigator's License, self edification is mandatory for business success.  As today's economic and competitive pressures place tighter constraints on business, professionals with specific training in the Substantive Law can provide greater value when budgets are tight.

If you are not a Private Investigator and you need the experience for a license, then you need the training to acquire the job for the experience.  This training will enhance your qualifications for an Operative position, as an applicant, for a Private Investigator. This training is coveted by Private Investigation agencies and your resume will reach the top of the hundreds of applications applying for such experience each month.

The Investigators LLC invests considerable resources and delivers high quality training in the most expedient way possible for working adults.  The information-intensive format gives the investigator a thorough understanding of an attorney's role in the judicial system that will enable the investigator to absorb and apply investigative techniques acceptable in a court of law.

The Investigators LLC offers Certificates of Completion for each subject passed successfully.

Invest in your business by acquiring knowledge in the substantive law you intend to investigate. Your business success depends on your knowledge, training and experience. Offer your clients the best. Get the edge over your competitors. 


Criminal Law    

Elements of Crimes (including Actus Reus, Mens Re, Causation); Vicarious Liability; Complicity in Crime;  Criminal Liability of Corporations;  Defenses (including insanity, Diminished Capacity, Intoxication, Ignorance, Self-Defense); Inchoate Crimes; Homicide; Other Crimes Against the Person; Crimes Against Habitation (including Burglary, Arson); Crimes Against Property;  Offenses Against Government; Offenses Against Administration of Justice.


Intentional Torts; Negligence; Strict Liability; Products Liability; Nuisance; Survival of Tort Actions; Wrongful Death; Immunity; Release and Contribution; Indemnity; Workers' Compensation; No-Fault Auto Insurance; Defamation; Invasion of Privacy; Misrepresentation; Injurious Falsehood; Interference with Economic Relations; Unjustifiable Litigation.


Direct Evidence; Circumstantial Evidence; Rulings on Admissibility; Relevancy; Materiality; Character Evidence; Hearsay and the Hearsay Exceptions; Privileges; Competency to Testify; Opinion Evidence and Expert Witnesses; Direct Examination; Cross-Examination; Impeachment; Real, Demonstrative, and Scientific Evidence; Judical notice; Burdens of Proof; Parol Evidence Rule

Constitutional Law   

Powers of Federal Government (including Judical Power, Powers of Congress, Presidential Power, Foreign Affairs Power); Intergovernmental immunities; Separation of Powers; Regulation of Foreign Commerce; Regulation of Interstate Commerce; Taxation of Interstate and Foreign Commerce; Due Process, Equal Protection; "State Action" Requirements; Freedom of Speech, Press and Association; Freedom of Religion.

Criminal Procedure    

Exclusionary Rule; Arrests and other Detentions; Search and Seizure; Privilege Against Self-Incrimination; Confessions; Preliminary Hearing; Bail; Indictment; Speedy Trial; competency to Stand Trial; Government's Obligation to Disclose Information; right to Jury Trial; Right to Counsel, Right to Confront Witnesses; Burden of proof; Insanity; Entrapment; Guilty Pleas; Sentencing; Death Penalty; Ex Post Facto issues; Appeal; Habeas Corpus; Juvenile Offenders; Prisoners' Rights; Double Jeopardy.

Civil Procedure   

Territorial (personal) Juridiction (including Venue and Forum Non Conveniens); Subject Matter Jurisdiction, (covering Diversity Jurisdiction, Federal Question Jurisdiction); Erie doctrine and Federal Common Law; Pleadings (including Counterclaims, Crosss-Claims, Supplemental Pleadings); Parties (including Joinder and Class Actions); discovery (including devices scope, sanctions and Discovery Conference); Summary Judgment; Pretrial Conference and Settlements; Trial (including Right to Jury Trial, Motions, Jury instruction and Arguments, and Post-Verdict Motions); Appeals; Claim Preclusions (Res Judicata) and Issue preclusion (Colaterl Estoppel).

Other Classes will become available soon.

Class Material includes:


  1. Workbook  -  you get a detailed, comprehensive outline of everything you need to know. Each title also includes a capsule summary that is perfect for last minute review. Test your knowledge and fine tune your exam skills with actual law school exam questions (multiple choice, short answer, and essay).  Students mail-in their answers for a fully explained answer, and each question is cross-referenced back to the main outline for further review. You will be graded according to your results.

  2. Audio Cassette Tapes - with these Audio Tapes, you’ll get a brilliant law professor explaining an entire subject to you in one simple, dynamic lecture.

  3. Case Brief - Casebriefs focus solely on the cases covered in your casebook, or you can use the Case Library, which includes all the major cases from every major casebook. Whether you want to compare your own briefs to expert briefs, fill in gaps in your class notes or research cases for your legal writing class—Casebriefs is the source you’ll turn to, over and over again!


You work at your own pace.  Complete the assignments in the work book.  Mail them in for grading.  That's it.  You get a comprehensive explanation of wrong answers mailed back to you.  You may complete ten questions or a hundred.  It is, however, recommended to send in your work as soon as possible in small sets to get feed back for better understanding on subsequent questions. You may email your assigned grader for clarification on any subject matter or for a better understanding on assignments.

You are graded and the passing score is 70 % or better.

A elegant and certified Certificate of Completion is provided for each class student passes successfully.

Subject Prices are $395 (US) for class and class material.

It is economically prudent to investigate your case before litigation.  If you have an attorney, have him give us a call at (808)-218-1025)

We provide services for the entire Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific Region

For information on obtaining a Hawaii Private Detective's License. CLICK HERE

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The Bureau of Private Investigation's  is a Full Service Investigation Company. Including access to an accredited private Forensic Laboratory for DNA Y-Chromosome testing, Forensic Serology & DNA analysis, Human Identification, and Paternity testing.

As a full service Agency, we can customize investigations to meet your needs and budget. 


We are not only the leaders in the field of Private Investigation and set the example in Professionalism but we train others as well.  Check out our PI School.




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